"Mira Mira" Luis ft Permithias

mira mira permithias luis

Today was indeed a “musical day” of sorts going the the way Biggie has been unleashing various tracks nonstop. After doing their rehearsals for their final Extravaganza of the season, Biggie surprised housemates by playing back“Mira On The Wall” a song concieved and crafted inside the Big Brother house by evicted Namibian reps Luis and Permithias. As soon as it started playing, the house was filled with ululations, jubilations, chants and praises for Luis.

It should be noted that the inspiration behind this now hit love song was drawn from the short on-show romance Luis had with Mozambican belle Mira. unfortunately the pair only got to know about each other for just one week following Mira’s eviction, something that would see Luis spending the next three weeks in the house just thinking and getting a “depression” over his lost love.

It’s as a result of intense missing of Mira that he teamed up with countryman and famous guitarist Permithias who composed while he penned down the lyrics to the song.

After their respective evictions, they got together, worked on the song and produced it. When listening to the song, Luis is heard expressing his undying love for Mira while Permithias plays backup vocalist and serenades the lyrics too.

Meanwhile, as it played Tayo, Idris, JJ, Nhlanhla and Macky2 rashed to the lounge (infront of the mirror) chanting, singing and dancing. It may have played for just once but trust the Hotshots, they were as good at mastering some if not all of the lyrics of the song and begged Biggie to play it again. They later sent shout outs to Luis and apllauded him for the good work.

What did you make of the sweet moment?

When ‘Mira on the wall’ played,

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keeping up with ex-hotshots

Big Brother Hotshots is over with the winner, Idris being announce in an explosive finale this past Sunday. Are you already missing your favourite Hotshots? Are you wanting to find out what the gorgeous Mira is doing, or where Permithias is next playing. Are you dying to see what next ad Tayo is in, or what about what is happening with everybodies favourite prankster, Trezagah? Well, your worries are over as here is a handy guide to keep up with all your favourite housemates on social media.

Alusa - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Esther - Facebook,

Goitse - Facebook, Twitter,

Ellah - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Idris - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Butterphly - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

M'am Bea - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Laveda - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Kacey Moore - Facebook, Twitter,

Lilian - Facebook, Instagram

Luis - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Mira - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Mr 265 - Facebook, Twitter,

Resa - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Sabina - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Sheillah - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Nhlanhla - Facebook, Twitter,

Samantha - Facebook, Twitter

Arthur - Facebook, Instagram

Frankie - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Sipe - Facebook, Twitter

Tayo - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Trezagah - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Follow away people, there love is just a click away.

Keep up with Ex-Hotshots on Twitter And Facebook

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Akintoye and Akintayo, Describe this picture in one word..

akintayo akintoye

... and below is a customized gold Iphone made specifically for Tayo. We will be waiting to connect with him through Facebook and Twitter..

tayo iphone

Tayo Reunites With His Son, See how grown up he is...

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How Africa Voted in the Finale

According to the final votes of the season, the housemate with the most number of country votes and the WINNER of Big Brother Hotshots is: Idris. Idris received five country votes and these were from Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. 

The runner-up, Tayo received two country votes and these were from Nigeria and Mozambique. The rest of the finalists received country votes as follows: Macky2 got two country votes from Zambia and Rest of Africa, Nhlanhla also got two country votes from South Africa and Botswana, JJ got one country vote from Zimbabwe, 

Sipe also got one country vote from Malawi and Butterphly received 0 country votes. For the housemates who received the same number of country votes, the tie breaker rule came into effect for those housemates.

how africa voted

How Africa Voted:

Idris: Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda
Tayo: Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique
Macky2: Zambia, Namibia, Rest of Africa
Nhlanhla: South Africa, Botswana
JJ: Zimbabwe
Sipe: Malawi
Butterphly: No Country
M'am Bea: No Country

Day 63: How Africa Voted, BB Hotshots Finale

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Pictures from the Live show if Big Brother Hotshots Finale

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idris winner bb hotshots

idris winner bb hotshots

idris winner bb hotshots

Photos: Idris is the Winner of Big Brother Africa Season 9

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davido big brother africa

Nigeria's superstar musician Davido is not contented with the outcome of Big Brother Africa. How could Nigeria not win? How would Tayo not defeat Idris to win BBA?

It may seem that many people were anticipating for Tayo to win Big Brother Africa hotshots, Davido included. Many people had voted and even much more were campaining for Africa to keep voting for Tayo in Big Brother Africa.

When the results were announced, it came as a shocker to many Nigerians, and other fans across Africa, especially those who were in loyal support of Tayo. See some of their reactions after hearing Tayo lost to Idris.

It may now seem obvious that BBA was rigged in favour of Idris from Tanzania, but only statistics can confirm this. As we wait to see how Africa voted, see how displeased Davido appears to be with the win of Idris,

Nigeria's Davido Thinks BBA Votes Were Stolen

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