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2015 Big Brother Mzansi Housemates (Full List with pictures)

Big Brother Mzansi Housemates With Their Full Names

These are the housemates who will be competing for 2 Million Rands for the next few weeks in Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble. Here is the full list, who is your favourite? 

1. Bongi


2. Khali


3. Bexx

4. Soxx

5. Adams

6. Tembi
tembi mzansi

7. Gino
gino mzansi

8. Tiffini

9. Ace

10. Ntombi


11. K2
k2 mzansi

12. Blue
blue mzansi

13. Sibu

sibu mzansi

14. Matthias
matthias mzansi

15. Lebo
lebo mzansi

16. Ex
ex mzansi

17. Kay
kay mzansi

18. Pumba
pumba mzansi

19. Chelsea
chelsea mzansi

20. Mbali
mbali mzansi

Matthias Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble

About Matt Mzansi Double Trouble Contestant 

Age: 29

Hometown: Joburg

Occupation: Business Owner

Partner: Sibu

Though he has spent most of his life in Jozi, Matthias (29) has also lived in England, New Caledonia, Switzerland, Botswana and the Netherlands. 

A business owner who makes leather accessories, he describes himself as versatile, funny, ghetto, vibrant and blunt. Nature, family and tequila makes him happy and he’s sure his family would say that he is, ‘the hippie, the creative one’. 

The achievement Matthias is most proud of is starting an indigenous tree nursery in Botswana where he grew and replanted 2000 trees. Asked about what he anticipates will happen on the show he says, ‘I expect many twists and turns, challenging tasks, and a lot of laughter and enjoyment.’ Matthias loves watching documentaries and reading photojournalism books. 

His favourite holiday destination is Kampala in Uganda; he relaxes by having a braai and listening to good tunes. He enjoys playing soccer, camping and hiking. Matthias has many favourite songs but right at the moment it’s Shebeleza by Joe Mafela.

Matthias Shower Hour BBMzansi Double Trouble

matt matthias mzansi shower hour

Bongi - 2015 Big Brother Mzansi

About Bongi in Big Brother Mzansi 2015

bongi and khali bb mzansi double trouble

Age: 28

Hometown: Cape Town

Occupation: Customer service agent and tech support

Partner: KhaliBongi has entered the house with Khali, his new girlfriend of three months. Asked for five words that best explain his personality he chooses: funny, awesome, mischievous, welcoming, black. Bongi says that his friends would describe him as funny and a good guy while his family will say he’s smart but talks too much. 

Coming from a large family (5 brothers and 6 sisters), he enjoys going to the gym and talking to people whose company he likes. Bongi lists his hidden talent as drawing and believes that his bad habits are procrastinating plus not taking things seriously. 

His favourite actress is Taraji P Henson, his favourite song is Perfect Imperfection by Kevin Gates, and his favourite book is Riftwar Cycle by Raymond E. Feist. 

Love is certainly in the air for Bongi because when questioned on which destination he’d like to visit, his answer is: ‘Bora Bora because my girlfriend wants to go there.’ He says audiences should also know that, ‘I can be annoying at first but bear with me and you will have a good time!’

Crazy Moments of Bongi in Mzansi Double Trouble 

shower hour bongi big bro mzansi

bongi big brother mzansi

Hot Pictures of Blue in Big Brother Mzansi 2015

Blue is a current contestant in Big Brother Mzansi 2015 "Double Trouble". She has teamed up with K2 to win 2 Million at the end of BBM Double Trouble Tv Show. She has a twin sister, see her hot pictures outside Mzansi below
Blue With Her Twin Sister

blue south africa mzansi

blue south africa mzansi
Blue Without Make-up

k2 blue south africa mzansi
K2 and Blue - 2015 Mzansi Partners

Blue - Big Brother Mzansi Shower hour Double Trouble

About Blue, Big Brother Mzansi 

blue big brother mzansi
Blue Without Make-up
Age: 25

Hometown: Johannesburg

Occupation: PR freelancer and a model

Partner: K2Blue has lived in Jozi for the past 3 years. She previously appeared on the reality model search Diamonds In The Ruff, and describes herself as persuasive, strong, motivated, a realist and blessed. Blue, who dislikes being disrespected, loves clubbing, spending time on social media and the movies. Her bad habits however include procrastinating and talking too much. 

Asked what makes her happy, she says, ‘getting a positive outcome in whatever I put effort into.’ 

With a twin sister who she counts as her best friend in the world, Blue says audiences should watch her on Big Brother Mzansi because, ‘more than entertaining, I am inspiring and I know people will learn a lot from me, especially with my background.’ Listing John Legend, Angelina Jolie, Nomzamo Mbatha and Shona Ferguson among her favourite personalities, Blue says her favourite holiday destination is the Maldives because, ‘it’s romantic and beautiful.’

2015 Blue Shower Hour Pictures Mzansi

Blue - Big Brother Mzansi Shower hour

Blue - Big Brother Mzansi Shower hour

Mbale Nkosi Getting He@d live on Camera in Mzansi

MBale nkosi presenter
Mbale Nkosi as a Presenter Live on TV

mbale nkosi head

mbale nkosi nigeria

Hot S3xxy Pictures of Mbali Nkosi in BBMzansi South Africa

Mbale Nkosi with All Her Hotness 

Mbale is one of the hottest contestants currently in Big Brother Mzansi "Double Trouble". Here are some of the finest photos of her that we have managed to find. On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate her? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates on Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble 2015
mbali nkosi south africa 2015

mbali nkosi big brother mzansi

mbali mzansi double trouble

mbali nkosi mzansi double trouble


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