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Another Namibian Artist Releases an Explicit Music About Maria Nepembe

Written By Nairobian Senior on Saturday, 19 April 2014 | 19:07

Wet Dreams - Maria Nepembe

Just when the first explicit Maria Nepembe music was received with mixed reactions, another underground rapper from Namibia has released yet an music track about Maria Nepembe.

The original song was about the rapper (Y-Jay and Diamond) dreaming about he was having a good time with Maria Nepembe.

A remix  was done to the first song featuring Y-Jay and Diamond (original rappers) with new rappers like Exit, KK, Mz and Stich.

The third one is actually more explicit than the previous two. This has prompted many BBA fans to ask why Namibian Rappers are so obsessed with Maria Nepembe.

Have you heard any of Maria Nepembe's Music? Listen to them below from SoundCloud. Post a comment if you wish to download any

First Release Second Release Remix to the First Release

Another BBA The Chase Couple, Is Annabel Mbaru in Love With Bassey?

After Oneza, Polikem and the no-more Bengelo, Annabel Mbaru and Michael Bassey might team up to form Bannabel couple.

Annabel created this portrait yesterday indicating that she and Michael Bonny Bassey are married. She went ahead to say that they would make a cute couple, joining Sierra Leone and Kenya.

Annabel is currently going to Ghana to work on her upcoming project.

What do you think about Annabel and Bassey becoming one couple?

Melvin Oduah Enjoys Himself in S.A Viewing Cape Town's Table Mountain

See The Table Mountain in Cape Town, S. A

Ever been to Cape Town South Africa? Have you seen the Magnificent Table mountain in Cape Town? Melvin Oduah was there. Former BBA rep from Nigeria shares his experience at Cape Town, South Africa. 
The clouds can seen touching and covering the S.A's Table Mountain as they moves past it
Melving Oduah: Awesome View!
Melving Oduah: Let there b LIGHT!
Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town in South Africa, and is featured in the Flag of Cape Town and other local government insignia

img source: Wikipedia/Instagram

About the New Upcomming Big Brother Angola

Fresh and New Reality TV Show in Angola

For Big Brother Africa die-hards, there is a new Big Brother TV show somewhere in Africa Angola. BBA producers have teamed up with a couple of producers to introduce Big Brother Africa TV show in Angola. 

- The TV show will be held and broadcasted from South Africa
- The main language to be used is Portuguese. It is the national language in Angola 
- Big Brother Angola is expected to start on 25th May, 2014

Weza, a household name in Big Brother Africa series will be assisting in production of the TV show. Here is what she has to say about Big Brother Angola

Big Brother Angola! This sounds exciting. Tell us a bit about your involvement this year on the production side of big brother in Africa. How did that come about and what is your role behind the scenes?

Endemol is producing the very FIRST Big Brother Angola, which will be taking place in the Official Big Brother Home here in South Africa.

Being Angolan and having been on Big Brother Africa as well as having production experience has put me in a good position to help out with Angola’s first Big Brother.

I’ve been hired to help out on different sectors of this project. Unfortunately I cannot reveal much except that it starts in May 2014, and that it will all be in Portuguese, it being Angola’s official language. Everything else is still very confidential!

Trending Photo of Topless Huddah Monroe

She has disappeared on social media and now, Huddah is alleged to be saved after meeting a rich Nigerian pastor, exclusive BBAgossip post coming up soon. Here is the picture

Rate Koketso's Selfie with No Make Up

Rate Koketso's picture out of 10. How good does she look without her make up on?
koketso no make up

Mzansi Winner MANDLA in a Tough Dilema ... LEXI or His Former Girlfriend?

BB Mzansi Secrets winner, Mandla Hlatshwayo, is 'torn apart' as he is expected to publicly make a decision by choosing between his baby mama and Lexi. 

Mandla, who won R1Million is said to be having a hard time as he is yet to make public which of the two women he is going to be with, as both seem to be wanting to be with him. 

 The girl whom he was dating before and the mother of his child, Sthandwa Kobile, had been waiting for him at home, while he was still a contestant.

While he was a contestant, Mandla developed a relationship with Lexi which turned intimate. Their romance grew stronger with each day as they faced strong opposition from other contestants, notably Kat. 

After eviction, Lexi was heard saying that Mandla (who was still a contestant in the then, ongoing Big Brother Mzansi TV show) was not his type. This is not what she is currently saying after the popular TV show ended. 

Hot Gossip flying around is that Mandla has already chosen Lexi over his Baby Mama. This is unconfirmed but it people are already pointing fingers at Lexi. 

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