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Ellah, the Sexiest female Hotshot or naah?

Sexy Hotshots,

Is JJ the hottest guy in Big Brother Hotshots?

Is JJ the Sexiest guy in Big Brother Africa? 

jj the sexiest

Watch Samantha BB Hotshots Shower Hour Video

Samantha, Big Brother Africa Hotshots Shower Hour Video

Samantha, Big Brother Africa Hotshots Shower Hour Video

Day 15 Shower Hour 

Download Samantha Shower hour Video

Watch Alusa, Trezagah, Goitse, Sipe, Esther Shower Hour Video

Big Brother Hotshots Shower Hour Video of Alusa, Trezagah, Goitse, Sipe, Esther

Big Brother Hotshots Shower Hour Video of Alusa, Trezagah, Goitse, Sipe, Esther

Day 15 Shower Hour

Download Shower Hour Video of Laveda, Ellah and Alusa

Day 17: Live blog

19:42 - Show is underway with housemates displaying their designs.
19:39 - Mr. 265 introduces the show. "Light, carema, action!"

19:35 - 
Housemates move to the garden for their task presentation.
19:25 - Housemates are dressed in their outfits and ready for the presentation. 

18:50 - Idris tells Biggie while he understands that he and Goitse might just be a thing of the past but it all still hurts a bit. 

18:30 - 
30 minites to task presentation.

18:30 - 
Laveda says she is confused about Permithias' behaviour towards her. She doesn't know if he is into her or not. She aslo feels there sometimes is too much of a competitive spirit and not enough vulnerability. 

18:18 - 
Goitse admits to Big Brother that housemates want this particular wager in the bag because it is so challenging. She comments on the conflict between Kacey Moore, Idris and Ellah. She also says that while she gets along with everyone she is always at loggerheads with Idris.

18:10 - Alusa says he's confident as regards being up for possible eviction this week. 

18:00 - Housemates have one hour to task presentation.

17:50 - 
Nhlanhla tells Biggie about the evolving nature of his relationship with Sheillah in the game. His one word to describe Sheillah is a Maze. He expresses that if they are viewed as a power couple then the target is on them. 

17:45 - 
Tayo feels all the music and creativity going on on the house has a healing power and should they lose their wager they will surely starve. He reckons Nhlanhla managerial skills are on point. Biggie gives Tayo a chance to send a dedictaion to his new son. 

17:30 - 
Mr.265 is worried if the housemates chill again they will have problems, however he feels confident that the housemates will win their wager because the outfits and themes are "Wow!".

17:15 - 
M'am Bea tells Big Brother that she treats everyone in the house with respect.

16:47 - Frankie tells Big Brother that he nominates basing on personalities, maturity and hypocrisy while Butterphly thinks the presentations are going to be exciting.

16:20- Sheillah talks about her bold move of shaving off her hair. She also talks about her budding relationship with Nhlanhla.

16:10 - 
In his session with Biggie, Kaycey Moore apologizes for cursing during his outburst with Idris yesterday. He also apologizes to his wife and says that he did not cheat on her with Ellah but he's only playing the game.

15:45 - Sipe is next, she says that Africa can expect something very different for the presentation this evening. She adds that Idris is still making mistakes. And if she wins HoH she will make sure that everyone does their chores to keep the house clean.

15:38 - 
JJ is called to the diary room as diary sessions start. He talks about Kacey Moore and Idris. He is exhausted and needs some sleep. He feels that everyone is ready for the task tonight. He discusses Samantha. 

14:12 - Housemates continue working on their designs for the task.

12:33 - 
Sheillah gets her hair removed by Nhlanhla. She's now completely bald.

11:35 - Housemates move to the garden. Master hairstylist Jawad Maphoto is in the house to prepare them for today's task presentation.

10:54 - Housemates gather in the lounge and Nhlanhla reads out today's brief. Another professional will be joining them soon.

10:52 - Ma'm Bea shares with Sheillah that no one can force Africa to love them not even change of personality.

10:42 - Nhlanhla and Sheillah get playful in the kitchen, meanwhile, Sipe eats her breakfast.

10:25 - Samantha is asked to check that she's wearing her mic correctly.

10:20 - Shower hour starts.

10:18 - Housemates are asked to check their microphones.

10:00 - Breakfast is almost ready and 'food lover' Nhlanhla is keeping close.

09:45 - Nhlanhla and Sheillah as well as Mr.265 are in the kitchen chatting about George Clooney and Jaime Foxx.

09:25 - Housemates get on with their showers as hot water is made available.

09:05 - Clints asks housemates to share their secrets.

08:46 - Housemates have fun with word associations exercises.

08:35 - Clint Brink is in the house, he's surely becoming apart of the housemates' lives, sharing trust tips with them this morning.

Who is the Sexiest Hotshots Contestant?

Whom do you think is the sexiest male and female persons currently in the Big Brother Africa? Vote on our site or in the comment section below.

Evicted Mira from Mozambique

Who is the sexiest male contestant?

  1. Goitse
  2. Sheillah
  3. Ma'mBea
  4. Sabina - Evicted
  5. Sipe
  6. Mira - Evicted
  7. Lilian - Evicted
  8. Samantha
  9. Laveda
  10. Ellah
  11. Esther - Evicted
  12. Resa - Evicted
  13. Butterphly

Who is the sexiest female contestant? 

  1. Kacey Moore
  2. Melvin Alusa
  3. Mr. 256
  4. Trezagah
  5. Luis
  6. Permithias
  7. Tayo
  8. Frankie
  9. Arthur
  10. Nhlanhla - HOH
  11. Idris
  12. Macky2
  13. JJ

Day 16: Live Blog

22:10 - Finally peace has been restored in the house. Housemates are engaged in all sorts of conversations.

20:45 - Married man Kacey Moore approaches Ellah, they admit Idris made a mistake.

19:50 - Kacey Moore is unhappy about being spoken badly about by Idris and M'am Bea. He finally gets to talk to Idris about it. Idris apologises.

18:25 - Kacey Moore has a one on one with Tayo. He tells him how much he loves his wife and would never do her wrong while in the house.

16:34 - Ellah is sent to the store room for a special surprise. She's delighted by the birthday surprise from Biggie.

16:19 - Laveda, Sipe and Luis are busy in the kitchen preparing food. In the garden, Tayo drums as Ellah dances.

15:28 - Trezagah, Macky2 and Arthur are working on the task, Sipe joins them.

14:30 - Idris gets touchy-feely with Ellah.
14:22 - Mr. 265 tells Alusa that he misses his job.

13:20 - Housemates chillax in the shade, M'am Bea works on Tayo's hair.

12:47 - Biggie tells housemates to stay in one bedroom until further notice.

12:35 - Makeup class comes to an end but most housemates didn't seem to be paying much attention.

11:20 - Big Brother Hotshots Master Class starts. Makeup professional, Joyce Jacob is in the house demonstrating makeup techniques to the housemates.

10:25 - The gents discuss relationships, Idris mentions that sex is no longer a priority for him. That he would rather build a quality relationship based on an emotional connection with someone.

10:05 - Alusa and Frankie sing Ellah a happy song.

09:45 - Ellah makes it known that it's her birthday but she's starving.

09:32 - Frankie loves his yogurt and warns others not to touch it.

09:10 - Permithias strums his guitar and sings soothing melodies.

09:05 - Nhlanhla and Sheillah get cosy in bed while others head to the shower room.

08:30 - After the workout, most housemates retreat to the garden and relax as some fine African music plays.

08:00 - Housemates get an energetic start to the day with a Zumba workout session.

07:30 - Welcome to day 16 of Big Brother Hotshots. Follow all the day's updates on this page.

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