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Day 25: Chicken or the egg

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Day 25: Chicken or the egg

Biggie wants the Housemates to do the funky chicken.

With the Housemates hard at work on their Make Noise Task, Biggie decided to have some fun. In the store room Biggie placed chicken costumes and egg costumes, and instructed Head of House, Ese had to decide which Housemate would wear each costume. But, after a discussion it was decided that they would pick their fate out of a tin. 
The chickens are: Bisola, Jon, Efe, Gifty, Uriel, Bassey and TBoss. 
The eggs are: ThinTallTony, Marvis, Kemen, Ese, Bally and Debie-Rise.
34 rsz chickenegg 1 004 pre
In this task, each time Housemates hear a rooster sound the chickens have to chase the eggs and they have to then sit on the eggs in the nest until they hear the buzzer. As there are only seven chickens and six eggs, the chicken that didn't catch an egg had to do the dreaded chicken dance until the buzzer sounds. 
34 rsz chickenegg 1 004 pre
This is guaranteed to lighten the mood after Ese and Jon's Biggie inspired skullduggery last night. The Housemates have been extremely focussed on their Wager Task as they have gone all in with a 100% Wager and they do not want a repeat of last week's Wager loss and Biggies subsequent dressing down of the Housemates. How will this distraction affect their focus on their Presentation Task prize tonight? Don't forget to Vote in our Poll tonight for your favourite in the categories provided.

Day 25: Eureka!

Day 25: Eureka!

Housemates figure out how to nail tonight’s Task
Arranging the Housemates into position, ThinTallTony reminded the Housemates that they needed to nail the opening and final sequences of their musical production.
He said these two aspects were the most difficult to master. The choreographer asked the Housemates who had two left feet to step back and let those who had mastered the dance take the front rows.
34 ttt director 5 004 pre
ThinTallTony landed the role as choreographer after the chaos that erupted in the House last week, which resulted in the Housemates losing their weekly Wager. The Housemates agreed then that ThinTallTony would handle choreography.
Going through his paces during the rehearsal, reminding TBoss her lines and positioning the Housemates, ThinTallTony reprimanded the Housemates who were not taking the rehearsal seriously, adding that they had 100% Wager at stake.
The Housemates have been taking this week’s task very seriously, as they have been seen determined all week, rehearsing every chance they get.
34 ttt director 2 004 pre
This weeks’ Task was to make musical instruments using items such as containers, bins and tins, compose three songs from different musical genres, namely Traditional Nigerian Music, Modern Nigerian Hip Hop, as well as any musical genre of the Housemates’ choice. In addition, they had to make costumes for their bands.
The Housemates have been grouped into three bands and the band names and band members are:
Band name                 Band members
Sistematik                   Bassey, Bisola, Efe and TBoss
Resonance                   Jon, Gifty, Marvis, Debie-rise and Kemen
Tube                            ThinTallTony's, Bally, Uriel and Ese
Remember, you the viewer will determine the bands’ fate tonight by voting for your favourite ban on our online Poll. These are the categories to vote for are:
1) Best Group Performance
2) Best Group Costume
3) Best Male Performance in a Musical
4) Best Female Performance in a Musical. 

Day 24: Who dunnit?

Day 24: Who dunnit?

In all the excitements of a very hectic and fast paced day, coupled with the secret Tasks issued by Big Brother, the House was thrown into pockets of frenzy

In all the excitements of a very hectic and fast paced day, coupled with the secret Tasks issued by Big Brother, the House was thrown into pockets of frenzy.
The first brouhaha started just after the stage rehearsals in the Arena as the Housemates sat around in the Lounge discussing the last elements of their play Presentation. TBoss had gone into her closet and ran back into the Lounge screaming that someone had stolen her perfumes. She went on and on about how she doesn’t go into other people’s wardrobes and didn’t appreciate the fact that people were going through her stuff. Efe and ThinTallTony placated her and explained that it may be a prank, and that the culprit should return the items by tomorrow morning.
34 stolen 004 pre
Act two had two scenes. Scene one kicked off with the introduction of Biggie sending some booze into the house. In all the excitement of Bally carrying the booze in, Ese was walking out of the lounge with Debie-Rise’s guitar which she subsequently stashed in the Store Room. Shockingly, no one saw her move the guitar.
34 raise 004 pre
Scene two was also very intriguing because it showed some excellent team work between Bally and Efe. The Housemates all agreed that the booze should be put into the fridge for a bit so it could get cold, and while Bally was doing that, Efe offered to assist him and proceeded to hide a few bottles under the kitchen cupboard unbeknownst to the other Housemates.
34 boozed 004 pre
The bottles allegedly disappeared from the fridge and everyone was up in arms looking for the missing booze, but it seems a certainty that the missing booze will reappear soon; possibly just empty bottles.
It will be interesting to see how the next couple of days play out with all the chaos that is sure to ensue from all the missing or misplaced personal belongings.

Day 24: The Troupe takes five

Day 24: The Troupe takes five

The Housemates seemed hell bent on putting up a great show for Biggie and all the fans watching and their final stage rehearsals in the Arena mirrored their levels of enthusiasm

The Housemates seemed hell bent on putting up a great show for Biggie and all the fans watching. All their past rehearsals during the week culminated into a final stage rehearsals in the Arena.
Under the able leadership of ThinTallTony, the Housemates assumed their respective roles in the different sections of the musical they had created. Bassey, Debie-Rise, Jon and ThinTallTony were responsible for the music; with the rest of the Housemates all singing and taking up different roles on stage, with the leading role going to TBoss.
34 stage 004 pre
Armed with the catchy tunes they had created much earlier, the final rehearsals seemed to be going well. If that was a yard stick of measurement, then the audience and viewers, who will ultimately judge the final stage play, will be thoroughly pleased.
34 stage4 004 pre
Winning this Wager Task has been paramount in the minds of all the housemates as evident in their actions all through the week so far, and Biggie seemed impressed with the amount of work the Housemates had put in so far; so much so that at the end of the rehearsals, a crate of Legend stout was sent into the store room as some sort of reward.
34 legend 004 pre
The final Task Presentation will start at 7pm WAT on Thursday and the viewers will have an opportunity to join the action and to award accolades to deserving cast members. So Thursday night's Presentation is one that can not be missed.

Day 24: Mr Capable in the House

Day 24: Mr Capable in the House

In keeping in line with the theme for the week, Make Noise; Biggie had another surprise guest visit the House today. His name is Banky W.

In keeping in line with the theme for the week, Make Noise; Biggie had another surprise guest visit the House today. His name is Banky W.
The minute he walked into the House, the Housemates flocked to greet him with shouts of joy at seeing a popular celeb face in their midst. The female Housemates took him on a quick tour of the House before they convened in the Lounge for some deep conversations.
34 banky4 004 pre
He first had an informal meet and greet where he had the Housemates individually talk about themselves and showcase their talents, before he delved into an advise session.
He used his peculiar journey in the entertainment industry to try motivate the Housemates into being true to themselves first. He also advised them to be comfortable with their inate talents, and use that as a spring board to launch themselves into their true element.
An hour in the House seemed like five minutes for the Housemates and they all collectively let out a cry of dissappointment as the buzzer sounded, signalling an end to Banky W's visit.
Just as he got to the door to exit the House, the Housemates mobbed him demanding he leave a piece of himself behind, and he was only allowed to leave after he dropped his bracelet with Kemen and his rosary chain with TBoss.
A true gentleman and entertainer, Mr Banky W left his mark on the Housemates and his advises and words of encouragement will surely ring in the Housemates' minds for years to come.

Day 24: Everything “Sistematik”

Day 24: Everything “Sistematik”

Housemates start playing around with creative names for their musical production.
Team Bassey, Bisola, Efe and TBoss were already one step ahead of the pack this afternoon, as they suggested a name for their musical production.
The team suggested the name “Sistematik” and even went to the extent of jotting down an introduction on a clipboard.
34 rsz wager rehearsal 10 004 pre
The team started off with the name “Sistem” last night but worked on it and finally agreed on “Sistematik”. Jon, Gifty, Marvis, Debie-rise and Kemens' team came up with the name “Resonance”. The other team, which consisted of ThinTallTony, Bally, Uriel and Ese also played around with a few names, as they continued working on their costumes.
All the Housemates seemed focused today on winning their 100% Wager this week, as they were also seen rehearsing songs and performances earlier today in preparation for tomorrows Task Presentation.     
The other teams went about their business, painting and sewing their costumes. This carried on for the better part of the afternoon.
The theme for the musicals is “Make Money” and the teams have to perform three items, Traditional Nigerian Music, Modern Nigerian Hip Hop, as well as any musical genre they like.
Catch tomorrow’s Task Presentation by tuning into DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Plus on Channel 29. Big Brother Naija is sponsored by PayPorte, your preferred online retail store.

Day 24: Costume time

Day 24: Costume time

Biggie adds a new task to Thursday Nights Make Noise Task.
15 February 10:53

With the Housemates hard at work on their musical for Thursday Night's Task Presentation, Biggie called Head of House, Igwe Ese, into the Diary Room to receive a new brief for the Housemates. Biggie regards performances holistically and this one is no different. The Housemates are not only to sound great, but they also have to look great.

As Biggie's Task said, "all great bands come up with their own look in order to stand out from the rest." The Housemates have to bring their A game to the table as the public will be Voting on our Poll as to who wins their Task Presentation. Biggie supplied some raw material for the Housemates to get creative on their costumes.

First and foremost, they have to win their Wager which they set at 100% as last weeks dissapointment weighed heavilly on the Housemates. Biggie expects nothing less than perfection and the Housemates have recently dissapointed in their all round application to their Tasks. With so much at stake, which team will come out tops and will the Housemates apply themselves to all aspects of the Task? They were informed that the viewers will be Voting on the following:

1) Best Group Performance

2) Best Group Costume

3) Best Male Performance in a Musical

4) Best Female Performance in a Musical.

The pressure is on and time is ticking for the Housemates to impress not only Big Brother but also Nigeria. Don't forget to Vote on Thursday for who you think gives the best performance in all the categories mentioned above.

Day 24: Pre Task Presentation Diary session


Day 24: Pre Task Presentation Diary session

Shortly after Banky W completed his visit to the Big Brother House, Big Brother kicked off this evenings Diary session
15 February 22:24

Shortly after Banky W completed his visit to the Big Brother House, Big Brother kicked off this evenings Diary session by calling Bisola into the Diary Room

Biggie had a series of blanket question for all the Housemates and most of the questions elicited a lot of smiles and sometimes blushy responses. Here’s what they Housemates had to say.

Bisola felt Biggie’s guests, though welcome, were a bit of a distraction to ensure they do not complete their Wager Task. She also admitted to Biggie that she had a conversation with TBoss about feeling ‘some typa way’ just to check if she was the only one feeling like that.

Bally felt everybody was very committed to completing the Wager Task, and admitted that if they all worked a bit more on the Task, albeit late into the night, that would ensure they were ready for the Task Presentation tomorrow.

Marvis confided in Biggie that she felt closest to Kemen, with ThinTallTony, Bisola and Efe a very close second. She said she felt the general mood in the House has been busy with everyone focused on completing their Tasks.

ThinTallTony admitted to Big Brother that he and Bisola shared a special bond, though he was quick to add that he was still very focused on the main aim, which is keeping his eye on the prize. He also said that he felt the kissing festival may have lost its novelty.

Jon admitted to Biggie that he felt he was losing the plot a bit as he was moving at a slow pace in achieveing his primary objective in the BBNaija House. Biggie admonished him to stay focused and proceeded to give him two new secret Tasks:

1. Break up with TBoss and start flirting with another Housemate. 2. Steal something from TBoss and place it in the store room for Biggie to keep.

Ese felt a bit sad at losing her voice which meant her hyena laugh wasn’t as loud as before anymore. After Biggie had advised her on how to preserve her voice, she was given two new secret Tasks:

1. Steal Debie-Rise’s guitar and stash it the the Store room. 2. Disturb and potentially break up every romantic pairings in the House. She said she loved her new Tasks, and was willing to start with Gifty and Bally.

Gifty said she wasn’t really feeling the kissing festival, but only did it because the girls had botched the surprise they were supposed to present to the guys. She felt Ese’s leadership was not good and if she could Evict two Housemates with immediate effect, it would be Bisola and Ese. She also said she didn’t like Biggie’s surprise guest Banky W, as she felt he was proud and full of himself.

TBoss admitted to feeling moody today, though she couldn’t explain why; though she admitted to being very anxious about the Task presentation tomorrow. She also said kissing Jon didn’t feel as good as she had hoped, but was quick to add that that might have been because everybody was watching them; so she was willing to kiss him again.

Kemen said the mood in the House was generally great as everybody was focused on the Task at hand, and they were all putting in extra effort to ensure that they win their Wager Task tomorrow. He said he believed Uriel was really into him and the feeling was mutual, as she seemed to understand his every nuance and tick.

Efe felt the kissing festival was dead in the water and a waste of time. Felt he really appreciated the visit of Biggie’s surprise guest Banky W based on the fact that he is a self made artiste and entrepreneur, and his advise really resonated with him from an artiste’s perspective. He also said he liked HoH Ese’s leadership style as she was a little bit more assertive than he was; he was also impressed with her balance of being a Housemate and the Head of House.

Uriel confided in Biggie that she was disgusted with the kissing festival, and that she only saw Kemen as her brother and nothing more. She also admitted to being very attracted to Bassey but he wasn’t taking the bait, even though she intentionally flirted with him from time to time. She also told Biggie that she believes ThinTallTony and Gifty really enjoy kissing each other.

Debie-Rise felt reinvigorated by Banky W’s visit. She added that her multi diverse talents set her apart from all the other Housemates, though she tried to fade to the background from time to time so as not to appear as a show off. She also confided to Biggie that she liked Bassey the most as they connected on many levels, hence he was the first Housemate she has kissed.

Bassey admitted that though the rules of the kissing festival yesterday was to kiss two Housemates, he ended up kissing three people; Debie-Rise, Ese and Bisola though he was quick to add that he preferred kissing Debie-Rise the most as she was a willing learner. He also added that all the Housemates seemed to be playing it safe with regards to love and relationship issues.

Day 25: No more alcohol!

Day 25: No more alcohol!

Housemates argue over the alcohol that went missing last night.
16 February 11:45

Bally’s scheme of having a few bottles of alcohol hidden away from the rest of the Housemates certainly ruffled up a few feathers.

Bisola seemed the most irked by this and she went in, guns blazing and all for Bally and Efe, who seemingly knew more about the missing bottles of alcohol than they were willing to admit.

This all started when the Housemates discussed how some of the Housemates got more drinks than others. It quickly went from just a discussion to a full blown argument. “From now onwards, we be drinking water,” Bisola yelled.

Her argument seemed to be based on the fact that some Housemates got more drinks than others. This is my first drink,” she said.

Bally’s decided to hide a few bottles of alcohol last night, after Biggie gave the Housemates a crate of Legend stout, as soon as they finished rehearsing their musical production. It was Biggie’s way of rewarding the Housemates for the hard work they had put in so far for this week’s Task.

Bally wasn’t the only culprit in on the plan to hide the alcohol, as Efe assisted him to hide the bottles under the kitchen table last night.

While Bisola and Bassy were arguing, ThinTallTony pitched in, adding that if Biggie gave them alcohol, it should have his name labelled on it.

The argument was ended by the sound of the buzzer, which prompted the Housemates to once again get into character for today’s “Catch The Egg” game. Biggie had the Housemates dressed in chicken and egg outfits and had the chickens chasing and catching the eggs, further sitting on them until they heard the buzzer again.

Remember to catch tonight’s Task Presentation on and Vote DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Channel 29 at 8pm WAT.

Day 25: Final preps

Day 25: Final preps

It’s back to business for the Housemates.
16 February 14:45

It was all fun and games in the House, until Biggie reminded the Housemates about the Task Presentation this evening.

Biggie opened up the Arena and allowed the Housemates to rehearse one more time before the show tonight.

The Housemates played a game of “Catch The Egg” earlier on today, where they were grouped into two, with some housemates wearing chicken outfits while the others wore egg outfits. Bisola, Jon, Efe, Gifty, Uriel, Bassey and TBoss were dressed as chickens, while ThinTallTony, Marvis, Kemen, Ese, Bally and Debie-Rise were dressed as eggs.

Each time the Housemates heard the sound of a rooster, the chickens had to chase the eggs, catch them and sit on them until they heard the buzzer. However, since the ratio between the chicken and the eggs did not match, the chicken that couldn’t catch an egg had to do the dreaded Chicken Dance until they heard the buzzer.

Immediately after HOH Ese read Biggie’s message after the game, the Housemates quickly got into character and went through their paces in the Arena. ThinTallTony went about his duties of handling the choreography and also got into character later on.

Have the Housemates prepared enough for tonight? Watch DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Plus Channel 29 at 8pm WAT to find out. Don't forget to Vote in our Poll tonight for your favourite in the categories provided.

Day 25: Make Noise, make music, make joy.

Day 25: Make Noise, make music, make joy.

Biggie lightened the general mood but then soon got the Housemates back to the grindstone working on their Wager.
16 February 16:18

The Housemates have had a roller-coaster week thus far and with Biggie getting the Fake Housemates to stir the collective pot last night, Biggie decided to lighten the mood a bit. There was lingering anger from TBoss and Debie-Rise as they were still in the dark as to who the culprits were who hid their guitar and perfume respectively. Biggie's two co-instigators were having the desired effect on the House with Jon setting first his eyes on TBoss and then Biggie gave himself and Ese a new Secret Task to disrupt any other romances developing in the House, a Task easier said thatn done.

Biggie got the Housemates to have fun with a cool chicken and egg Task which took the Housemates minds off the pressure-cooker that they had created for themselves with last weeks 75% wager loss which brought the Housemates closer together. ThinTallTony stood up to the plate with his group choreography for the Make Noise Task Presentation. With the Theme being "Make Money," will the Housemates succeed this week where they failed last week so miserably.

Before the Housemates were heard their first cockadoodledoo, Bisola, Gifty and some of the girls were arguing with Bally and the guys because they wanted more cold drinks in the House. The guys predictably wanted more alcohol. We are now on Day 25 of this fascinating Game and we Biggie have already had the Housemates running around and keeing them on their toes. Alcohol is a powerful tool in the House and with Biggie ramping up the pressure, with alcohol in teh House, anything can, and will happen. With the Game poised to get even better as the days go by, who will go home early and who has their eye set on the final prize? With three more Housemates facing possible Eviction this Saturday night in th eLive eviction show this Saturday night at 7pm WAT, the stakes couldn't be higer.

Don't forget that you have the power to Vote tonight in the Wager Task Presentation, go Vote on our Poll on the Big brother Naija official website.

Day 25: How to win Big Brother

Day 25: How to win Big Brother

The Housemates have been having a great time today but putting in work to win the wager too.
16 February 16:25

It's been a day full of fun, laughs and lots of hardwork. The Housemates are all in good spirits despite being nervous and are hoping to ace their performance after losing their wager last week. It's been nearly four weeks since the competition kicked off and Biggie decided to find out what everyone thinks is the best strategy to win.


Bisola made it clear that it's important to learn how to compromise in the House and pick one's battles all the while listening to people's concerns. She also warned that sometimes people get hurt but don't speak up but rather plot your demise behind your back. Perhaps she was taking shots at the other Housemates for nominating her last week but it's wise advice none the less. Then Biggie asked who she'd share the 25 Million Naira with if she ever won it and she chose ThinTallTony siting the fact that being 37 he didn't have as much time as the other Housemates to accomplish his goals. Given how close they are with one another we wonder if this was the only motivation but Biggie didn't press for more details.

Bally echoed the same sentiments letting everyone know that the most important thing was to learn to be patient and mindful of people's emotions. TTT however put a different spin on things making it clear the show wasn't all about "play and entertainment" like many people believe but also a great opportunity to learn. "You have to be really focused" Biggie then gave him a secret task to repeat what anyone said to him whenever they spoke to him before answering.

Day 25: How to win Big Brother

Depsite being the newest Housemate Jon agreed with Bally and Bisola's sentiments that you have to learn to be patient and accomodating of people's personalities. He the completely contradicted himself by promising to step it up with the pranks particularly with TTT whom he thinks is easy to mess with. Let's wait and see what happens when he "pushes his buttons!"

Perhaps Gifty was one of the Housemates Bisola was talking about because she singled out Bisola for being really rude and over the top in her interractions with her. Then came a surprise as she took shots at Debie-Rise who she seemed to be bonding with until now.

Marvis was up next and she got a secret task to only hold a full conversation when she's on all fours or lying on her belly. If she was standing she was only to answer "yes" or "no". This should be an interesting and hilarious task to see her attempt. Kemen commended everyone for putting in 110% in preparation for today's presentantion before siting intelligence and tenacity as key attributes one needs to win the show.

Big Brother Naija is on DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Plus on Channel 29. Big Brother Naija is sponsored by PayPorte, your preferred online retail store.

Voting lines are still open! Gifty, ThinTallTony and Marvis are up for possible Eviction this Sunday. Vote for your favourite on WeChat (follow the AfricaMagicTV account) and SMS - text the word "VOTE" and your Housemate's name to 32052

See The Two Big Brother Naija Housemates Who Are Married

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

See The Two Big Brother Naija Housemates Who Are Married

See The Two Big Brother Naija Housemates Who Are MarriedIt has been revealed that two out of the twelve housemates of Big Brother Nigeria are already married. The two are Thin Tall Tony and Gifty.

They both have their married partners outside the big brother wall. Tony is married with two lovely kids.
See The Two Big Brother Naija Housemates Who Are Married

Gifty who is always flirting around guys in the house as if she was single is married. People started investigating her marital status when she rushed up to the new male housemate, Bassey.

To the utmost dismay of the fans, she is married to a Nollywood movie director, David Sorochukwu Akumah.

PHOTO: Gifty Hot Picture from Big Bro Naija

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

PHOTO: Gifty Hot Picture from Big Bro Naija

PHOTO: Gifty Hot Picture from Big Bro Naija

PHOTO: Tboss and Miyonse Way Back

PHOTO: Tboss and Miyonse Way Back

PHOTO: Tboss and Miyonse Way Back